Monday, November 12, 2012

Talking Point # 10 ( Election Experience)

As a sophomore in college who is an African- american first time voter i'm beyond proud of myself that I have the opportunity to vote. Although I never get involved in politics just knowing that my vote counts to one of the worlds biggest events is more than words can describe. The voting experience really had me shaking in my boots since it was an unfamiliar process especially since I didn't vote at the same polling place with my mother.It kind of dawned on me that I  was voting along side my  mother, aunts, old preschool teacher ( long-story), and with my friends. This election really has me stressed out, its such a close race that anything at this point could happen.I watched the counting of the votes among the states at my aunts house which really bothered everyone. My Aunt began to speak her opinion on the election,then my mother,cousin, sister, and friend began to all talk at once about the news.My cousin then decided to change the channel when the polls showed Romney in the lead. Everyone is worried about the welfare of the country on election day I noticed that everyone's a politician from Facebook to Twitter. I continued to semi-watch the election behind my computer I began to get anxiety as the number of votes between both candidates began to get close to each other.Barack Obama was re-elected yes thank god i'm so excited he won, i'm very proud of him his hard work payed off now hopefully he could follow through and show america that he is going to step up these next four years. 

Obama 's Re-election Speech 

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