Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Talking Point #9 (Sex as Feminist Practice)

After reading the Wikipedia article I had to re-read it , once I re-read it I found it to be more interesting the second time around. I never knew that their was a group of feminist that identified as Sex-positive nor did I know about the sex-positive movement. Sex-positive feminist stand for the unity of sex and women in a positive manor. I like that Sex-positive feminist promote equality to any sexuality which gives a person more sexual freedom instead of being excluded. Sex-positive feminist tackle any issue by looking past the glorification of men, they see sex as a natural pleasure that has been "shameful" due to the views of society.
I agree with Rubin feminist who have a restricted view on sex are not liberated they have conformed to the views of sex that their introduced  to by society." Rubin criticizes anti-pornography feminists who she claims "have condemned virtually every variant of sexual expression as anti-feminist," arguing that their view of sexuality is dangerously close to anti-feminist, conservative sexual morality. " 

I liked the 8 Ways To Be Positive You're Sex Positive Article better than the Wikipedia Article. The second article summed up what it was to be sex-positive while being aware if your sex-positive in your own life which was fun. It covered the same material but this excluded the history, but it promotes a positive idea about sex. Being Sex positive to me is being open to new ideas mentally and physically while accepting and consenting between two or many people.It's about healthy relationships between the mind and body and that although sex is healthy and the least bit negative. 

* Sex as Feminist Practice: Sex Positivity and the third Wave (connection)
 The Rebecca Walker article we read in class that dealt with the choices a women makes with her body. The third wave of feminism deals with issues like reproductive rights, gender violence, transgender rights , trying to incorporate everyone. Promoting a sexual lifestyle among women ...sexual liberation.

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