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Talking Point #12 ( Ayvazian/Blanchard)

Word List : 

-" We are all dominant and targeted simultaneously ( pg. 599) " 

-We are all dominant and targeted... for example white people, male, christian, heterosexuals, able-bodied people ,  middle aged ,  middle or upper class are dominant . If you are targeted if you are a women who falls into this category

It's hard to identify when you are the target, perpetrator, by-standard, or an ally. An ally is a person or a group of people that help the targets and challenges the perpetrator. A ally shows support through actions like showing up to rallies, partnering up with local organizations, wearing t-shirts, protesting an issue, and creating a safe space.  An ally can can use their dominance to challenge the target. Being an ally can reduce violence since oppression leads to violence. Ally's give the perpetrator the change to feel like the targeted breaking the cycle of abuse through mentoring. An ally can serve as a positive role model to the perpetrator instead of working against each other they work together.  How can we expect young people to grow up in a racist free world when  no one has stood up and spoke against it. We have to embrace our inner allies through mentoring. 

When does an act of bigotry become an act of inadvertently racists acts. Your opinion and what you say about racial discrimination does matter. We have our views about race so when we over hear a conversation about we race we either agree or disagree with the person showing how racism in american has increased. over hearing others opinions of race could be the solution to bigotry ( bias ) within large groups in society. These lessons could help distinguish the difference to may between racial harassment.  

Miscellaneous Post / My Weekend

This weekend I went to Halo's mix-tape release party at Karma the night club. It was fun until the two female strippers grace the audience with their naked bodies.  The two women came out in black fish net stocking, boots, thongs, and masks. It was absolutely crazy men and women were cheering louder then the music , dancing with each other, and throwing lots and lots of ones. This whole scene reminded me of the Miss representation documentary we watched in class about women being overly sexed in the media. These young women were dancing in a club while men threw money at them objectifying them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Talking Point #11 (Media Matters/Croteau)

I agree with Croteau the media is a part of peoples everyday life it also establishes many as well as prosecutes. This reading reminds me of the article What Boys Are Made Of which also discussed the influence of media on young boys. The article speaks about how boys are growing up to believe that their supposed to be these emotionless , womanizing, masculine manly man who swipes a helpless women off her feet. This also reminded me of the baby born commercial / toy catalog activity we did in class which dealt with gender. It was clear that most magazines were geared towards boys but that toys that they were promoting were like planes, trains, bikes, guns, swords, building sets, and a kitchen set ( which included a microwave, window, and phone). Girls got the standard kitchen set, baby dolls, or over sexed teenage dolls that come with makeup , fake nails, and hair extensions. The ideals promoted by the media degrade women, portray unreal characters while giving a person power behind the key board which is proving to be a bad influence in the lives of many. ( Jersey Shore Trailer) ( Bad Girls Club Trailer) 

* Each link is a trailer from two very popular shows that are aired on television.  

Talking Point #9 (Sex as Feminist Practice)

After reading the Wikipedia article I had to re-read it , once I re-read it I found it to be more interesting the second time around. I never knew that their was a group of feminist that identified as Sex-positive nor did I know about the sex-positive movement. Sex-positive feminist stand for the unity of sex and women in a positive manor. I like that Sex-positive feminist promote equality to any sexuality which gives a person more sexual freedom instead of being excluded. Sex-positive feminist tackle any issue by looking past the glorification of men, they see sex as a natural pleasure that has been "shameful" due to the views of society.
I agree with Rubin feminist who have a restricted view on sex are not liberated they have conformed to the views of sex that their introduced  to by society." Rubin criticizes anti-pornography feminists who she claims "have condemned virtually every variant of sexual expression as anti-feminist," arguing that their view of sexuality is dangerously close to anti-feminist, conservative sexual morality. " 

I liked the 8 Ways To Be Positive You're Sex Positive Article better than the Wikipedia Article. The second article summed up what it was to be sex-positive while being aware if your sex-positive in your own life which was fun. It covered the same material but this excluded the history, but it promotes a positive idea about sex. Being Sex positive to me is being open to new ideas mentally and physically while accepting and consenting between two or many people.It's about healthy relationships between the mind and body and that although sex is healthy and the least bit negative. 

* Sex as Feminist Practice: Sex Positivity and the third Wave (connection)
 The Rebecca Walker article we read in class that dealt with the choices a women makes with her body. The third wave of feminism deals with issues like reproductive rights, gender violence, transgender rights , trying to incorporate everyone. Promoting a sexual lifestyle among women ...sexual liberation.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Talking Point # 10 ( Election Experience)

As a sophomore in college who is an African- american first time voter i'm beyond proud of myself that I have the opportunity to vote. Although I never get involved in politics just knowing that my vote counts to one of the worlds biggest events is more than words can describe. The voting experience really had me shaking in my boots since it was an unfamiliar process especially since I didn't vote at the same polling place with my mother.It kind of dawned on me that I  was voting along side my  mother, aunts, old preschool teacher ( long-story), and with my friends. This election really has me stressed out, its such a close race that anything at this point could happen.I watched the counting of the votes among the states at my aunts house which really bothered everyone. My Aunt began to speak her opinion on the election,then my mother,cousin, sister, and friend began to all talk at once about the news.My cousin then decided to change the channel when the polls showed Romney in the lead. Everyone is worried about the welfare of the country on election day I noticed that everyone's a politician from Facebook to Twitter. I continued to semi-watch the election behind my computer I began to get anxiety as the number of votes between both candidates began to get close to each other.Barack Obama was re-elected yes thank god i'm so excited he won, i'm very proud of him his hard work payed off now hopefully he could follow through and show america that he is going to step up these next four years. 

Obama 's Re-election Speech 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Talking Point #8 ( Orenstein)

I really found this piece by Orenstein very interesting to say the least her analysis of the "princess era" was very interesting. We all questioned the views of Disney but as a child your blinded by the glitter, puffy dresses, and mini high heels you don't know better but thanks to Orenstein she just ruined my Disney experience. What I took from this piece is that being a princess is about the look versus the feeling. Orenstein reports that because of movies like Cinderella, Snow White, And Sleeping Beauty girls strive to be perfect which is crippling to a young girls while damaging their self esteem. It's hard for a little girl to be herself when as a young girl your choices of role models are a princess or an overly sexual teenager. When I was younger I preferred to be outside even though my favorite movie of all times is little mermaid.I think the princess era is a target because of shows like toddlers and tiaras where they show young girls decked out in glitzy dresses, high heels, nails and big perfect hair. The pageant world is highly competitive teaching girls to stand alone as well as be perfect which is a lot of pressure to be under as a five year old.
Cinderella preformed by The Cheetah Girls Listen to the lyrics of the song!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Talking Point # 7 (What About the Boys? / Kimmel)

Micheal Kimmel
What Are Little Boys Made of? 

Kimmel argues that the boys of America are depressed, suicidal, frail, and emotionally unavailable due to the lack of attention we are giving them. Kimmel believes that because of feminism we are forgetting about the boys and making them the problem. According to Kimmel the lack of attention is the reason why there is an epidemic amongst young men.  While some argue that it’s the male pattern of behavior versus the theory of nature vs. nurture, or biological make-up while other argue  that it’s simple peer pressure amongst boys. Kimmel‘s solution to the problem among boys is to embrace the testosterone pumping through your veins. Kimmel is arguing that it’s okay to be aggressive as long as you can control and honor it and unleash it in healthy doses.  His main point is that as a boy it’s okay to an aggressive, risk taker, as long as you can control your actions while stating that being able to produce testosterone is a natural part of boyhood that is being taken away from boys causing them to act out.

" Testosterone equal vitality" All we have to do is "honor it and steer it into healthy directions"- A little bit of testosterone is healthy when used correctly

Talking Point #6 (Race as a Feminist Issue)

 Audre Lorde
The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House 

    Audre Lorde is an African American feminist lesbian that was asked to speak at a conference of women about the different roles of age,sexuality, race, and class. Lorde the only lesbian of color on the panel noticed the absence of personal and political. Not were women of color excluded from the discussion but so were lesbian, poor black women, and third world women. The conference to Lorde was a sad reflection of racism,sexism,homophobia,while ignoring the opinions of black women and completely excluding lesbians ( who are still women).  *This goes back to compulsory heterosexuality in society, promotion/ acceptance in society to be heterosexual as a women* Audre is using the title of her article as a metaphor for the cycle of abuse that women ( lesbian ,women of color, and women ) use as reinforcement. Oppressed women ( masters) are going to oppress other (tools) since that's what they were taught. To Audre The master's tools will never dismantle the master house until women who are excluded are taught to stand alone, be unpopular because of the beliefs, learning to take your differences and turn them into strengths. By learning how to use these tools you will temporarily dismantle the master's house but you will still be trapped in a house built by the master's tools.

Oppression = Tool

  • " .....the role of difference within the lives of american women :difference of race, sexuality, class and age.  (pg 1 paragraph 1)
      * The absence of these considerations weakens any feminist discussion of the personal and political.You have to separate your own beliefs from the beliefs of society. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Talking Point #2 (Frye)

Frye " Oppression"

Word List (Words I didn't know): 

According to Frye the word oppression is a dangerous word that is often used in the wrong context by the oppressed and the oppressors. According to Frye once a person or group of people claim to be oppressed we simply write them off as well as dismissing their feelings.  This is acceptable among men since their taught to dismiss their emotions but for women it's a challenging situation to remove ourselves from since we were built to be emotional.As a women you face the challenge of either being oppressed or being the oppressor which is a double standard. Women that lack emotion are "less than women" since they are cold and insensitive. Frye claims that situations like this erase the meaning of oppression making it a useless word especially to women. Frye wants to reinvent the word Oppressed by explaining it's meaning to everyone, she wants people to embrace the word, she wants people to be comfortable with the word.

The word oppressed is being used and abused making it's meaning useless. It's being used in terms where as humans we have no control over the consequences. For example some deny that the holocaust did not happen by making such a statement you are implying that many Jews did not suffer by making such a statement you are being insensitive. For a women you are you have no choice but to show emotion because if you show no emotion your called insensitive and if your show to much emotion your emotional. That's where according to Frye is where oppression looses all meaning and you have no choice but to be guilty.

Social Justice Event #1

Pink Saris
October 3 , 2012
GEND Film Series Event

              I finally made it to one of the events offered by the WMST film showings which took place in the Adams library. I had some trouble finding the room but eventually I asked for directions and I was on my way. Upon walking in the room I noticed two of my class mates which confirmed I was at the right place. The documentary got off to an interesting start by showing an heated argument between Sampat Pal ( the self proclaimed messiah of women) and Rekha's husbands family. Rekha is a pregnant fourteen year old who cannot be married to her child father due to the fact that she is a lower caste then him. Although tradition calls for unwed pregnant teens to be murdered young girls like rekha find refuge with Sampat who takes these girls under her wing.Sampat finds comfort in sticking up for young women she can relate she was also married at a young age , had children , and was brutally beaten by her husband's family. Pal challenges tradition as well as caste ( social classes) in the village where she operates. Pal exposes the abuse that girls face while in the hands of their in -laws and husbands out in the open instead of in court. Sampat Pal along with other women wear pink saris representing unity bringing recognition to the change of tradition in India.

This movie connects with a few themes we have covered in class which was the different classes in society. In India class is divided by caste (class) lower class ( untouchable) usually marry in their class. Higher class men or women are disowned if they marry an untouchable their usually disowned and told never to return to their homes. In a group discussion we spoke briefly about the idea of marriage and religion  which is mentioned in the video. Sempat challenges the old traditions of marriage by exposing the domestic violence teenage girls experience within there marriages.

Clip Of Women Gang "Pink Saris" Stand up For the Equality Of Women

Miscellaneous Post #1

Breast cancer awareness month kicked off this month. It's kind of cool to see the campus decorated in pink especially during diversity week. So while I was at work yesterday I finally got a chance to read The Anchor when I began to read an article about a fellow classmate of mine. Her Name is Sue-Ellen Jimenez and the article was about her brave battle with breast cancer.I was amazed yet proud of her for sharing her story to the thousands of students that read the school paper.  Her story was an eye opener making me realize that cancer has no name, age, or race. Now she is cancer free and enjoying her life as a college student as well as  actively participating in Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation. I applaud her for bravery as well as the millions of other women who have survived and lived to tell their stories.  

Here is the story :

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Talking Point #5 ( LGBT/Rich)

Words I Looked Up:

Rich defines Compulsory heterosexuality as the urge to validate your heterosexuality as a women. It's the only role that is mandatory for a women.Rich Argues that by being heterosexual everything is handed to you on a silver platter.

Ex. Preserve the sacredness of the home- the scientific romanticism of the home itself.
Ex. Women in every culture and throughout history have undertaken the task of independent , non-heterosexual to have done so.

Rich defines lesbian existence as  non-existent which is the least bit shocking to rich. Rich describes as a recreation of a mother daughter emotional relationship. Rich uses examples of lesbians being tortured as a way to demonstrate how horrible they are treated in the work place and by society.

Ex. " Women are "innately" sexually oriented only towards men, that the lesbian is simply acting out of her bitterness toward men ".
Ex. The choice of words used to describe a "lesbian" lesbianism, alternative lifestyle.
Ex. The death penalty for lesbians ( 1656) , attacks against unmarried women from aspersion and mocking to deliberate genocide, the burning/torture of widows,spinsters(during witch persecution )
Ex. "Treatment" torture of lesbians by the medical profession ( 1656)

Compulsory heterosexuality is a part of SCWAAP (the dominant ideology).

Monday, October 1, 2012

Talking point #4 (Economic Justice/People Like Us)

Center For Working –Class Studies has a lot of important, helpful information but I was unsure what the website was actually used for.
PEOPLE LIKE US- Illustrates the life choices of others to show how education, family background, social class, ethnicity, and income contributes to how the world chooses to view you. These contributing factors can either give you a major boost in the form of making more money (if you’re a man) or the difference between barely surviving from month to month.
-I liked the different stories …shows you the harsh reality of life and i commend the brave participants for sharing their lives with the world.    
Economic inequity is a feminist issue due to the oppression women face in the work place. Economic inequity is a feminist issue because it is a sexist view of the work place as well as women. Economic inequity puts women in an unfair advantage especially if a woman is preforming the same job as a man. Feminist fight for equality for all oppressed groups by campaigning for better equal or better pay for women. Feminist understand the struggle and have the tools to help against the unjust treatment of women in the workforce. 

-Video On Social Class in the professional world and how your upbringing as a child can effect the way you interact with people as an adult.

* This connects back to the video "People Like Us" where they show the separation of class, how to belong to another class, and real life stories from blue collar, white collar, middle class, and lower class participants. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talking Point # 3 (Voting for Justice)

LGBT Issues

       Gay Marriage is one of the many issues that both political parties are going to have to tackle this presidential election. Although gay marriage is recognized many people are still against the legal recognition of same-sex marriage.  Couples have to cross over into bordering states in order to get married. Same sex couples who are married are looked over since their marriage isn't legal in their town they have no benefits. This year president Obama said that he supports the LGBT community as well as promising the equality if he is re-elected.  Obama is reaching out to the LGBT community with the help of his campaign fundraiser John Berry who is also openly gay.  John berry decided to lend a hand in the campaign once he heard the president’s pledge on equality and his support for the LGBT community.  With Berry now working with the president is proof that being openly gay in the workplace is just as acceptable as being a straight male.  
    The issue at hand is LGBT issues such as adoption restrictions, work place harassment, and marriage. Heterosexual males and females reap all the benefits that come with being straight in society. While the LGBT Community has to fight for the right to be married to their partner. The LGBT community is suffering because they are simply being looked over, ignored, not mention, some act like they do not exists. With the support of the president not only is he a potential ally, he is shedding a new light on a community that is not backing down.  

Here Is the video of  President Obama appointing the first openly gay social secretary Jeremy Bernard right after abolishing  " don't ask , don't tell ". 

* This post connects back to the analysis of  the speeches that both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney gave at the Democratic National Convention. Each women spoke briefly on important issues such as the LGBT community, equal pay,education,student loans, and the military.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Talking Point #1 (Rowe-Finkbeiner)

The F- Word : Feminism In Jeopardy Women, Politics, and the Future
Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

    A Tsunami In History made me think of my mother and the countless pieces of jewelry she gave me as a child. I regret losing a few bracelets, rings, and ear rings that she gave me now I see the importance of gifts but as a child I wanted to wear the jewelry to show off. I really wanted to call my mother and ask her to recite the story behind every ring and bracelet she gave me. I wanted to learn the history of each piece maybe she got it from my father, maybe she bought it, maybe it was given to her by her mother and it was time to pass it along to her child. But each story was not as exciting as the story told by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner. This reading really made me want to start a tradition of my own so that my children and their children can talk about how I made a difference something that could be proud to retell the story. 
After re-reading the Rowe-Finkbeiner article after fourteen weeks of class I have a better understanding of the context. The F word other wise know as feminism is in jeopardy to women because of the backlash associated with the word. Women are afraid to be called " The f-word" fearing that they will become unattractive to men or even worse be labeled as lesbian.Feminism is in jeopardy in politics because their are not enough women. We need more women to help make decisions for the sake of women. Women are not as active as they were in the first two waves ,  since politics are dominated by men the consequences of going against societal norms is much to fearful to women. Future feminist should fear feminism with open arms while challenging culture, institutions, behaviors. Feminism is bold, empowering, political, battle that improve thyself as well as relationships, it's complex, intelligence and humor. In the words of Lisa M Hogeland " Of Course young women are afraid of feminism-shouldn't they be? "

Talking Point #1 ( Hogeland)

Fear of Feminism
Lisa Maria Hogeland

Lisa M. Hogeland the author of Fear of Feminism argues that women get the willies from feminism when the distinction between gender consciousness and feminist consciousness is blurred. Lisa argues that women do not know how to distinguish the two different forms of gender consciousness which are awareness of women vulnerability and celebration of women. She argues that older women are less likely to become feminist, while younger women are more likely to become feminist. Lisa also argues that fear, violence, and vulnerability is the main reason why women fear feminism.

Hogeland is stating that people in general but mostly women do not the difference between being conscious of your gender and being feminist conscious. Since a lot of women cannot differentiate the difference it causes confusion about feminism. Hogeland talks about how older and younger feminist view issues like for example older feminist view the backlash as changeable while younger feminist view the backlash as unchangeable and how it has to be. She states that fear is another reason why women don’t want to be associated as a feminist. Fear of violence plays on the fears of millions of vulnerable women that can be used as an anti-feminist campaign. 

* This all ties back to the discussion we had in class about what is feminism ? and it touches base on what Chris said in class about people being afraid of being called a feminist. 

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Gender and Society Fall 2012: Welcome to this Women's Studies blogging adventure...

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