Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Talking Point #11 (Media Matters/Croteau)

I agree with Croteau the media is a part of peoples everyday life it also establishes many as well as prosecutes. This reading reminds me of the article What Boys Are Made Of which also discussed the influence of media on young boys. The article speaks about how boys are growing up to believe that their supposed to be these emotionless , womanizing, masculine manly man who swipes a helpless women off her feet. This also reminded me of the baby born commercial / toy catalog activity we did in class which dealt with gender. It was clear that most magazines were geared towards boys but that toys that they were promoting were like planes, trains, bikes, guns, swords, building sets, and a kitchen set ( which included a microwave, window, and phone). Girls got the standard kitchen set, baby dolls, or over sexed teenage dolls that come with makeup , fake nails, and hair extensions. The ideals promoted by the media degrade women, portray unreal characters while giving a person power behind the key board which is proving to be a bad influence in the lives of many. ( Jersey Shore Trailer) ( Bad Girls Club Trailer) 

* Each link is a trailer from two very popular shows that are aired on television.  

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