Monday, October 22, 2012

Talking Point #8 ( Orenstein)

I really found this piece by Orenstein very interesting to say the least her analysis of the "princess era" was very interesting. We all questioned the views of Disney but as a child your blinded by the glitter, puffy dresses, and mini high heels you don't know better but thanks to Orenstein she just ruined my Disney experience. What I took from this piece is that being a princess is about the look versus the feeling. Orenstein reports that because of movies like Cinderella, Snow White, And Sleeping Beauty girls strive to be perfect which is crippling to a young girls while damaging their self esteem. It's hard for a little girl to be herself when as a young girl your choices of role models are a princess or an overly sexual teenager. When I was younger I preferred to be outside even though my favorite movie of all times is little mermaid.I think the princess era is a target because of shows like toddlers and tiaras where they show young girls decked out in glitzy dresses, high heels, nails and big perfect hair. The pageant world is highly competitive teaching girls to stand alone as well as be perfect which is a lot of pressure to be under as a five year old.
Cinderella preformed by The Cheetah Girls Listen to the lyrics of the song!

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