Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Talking Point # 7 (What About the Boys? / Kimmel)

Micheal Kimmel
What Are Little Boys Made of? 

Kimmel argues that the boys of America are depressed, suicidal, frail, and emotionally unavailable due to the lack of attention we are giving them. Kimmel believes that because of feminism we are forgetting about the boys and making them the problem. According to Kimmel the lack of attention is the reason why there is an epidemic amongst young men.  While some argue that it’s the male pattern of behavior versus the theory of nature vs. nurture, or biological make-up while other argue  that it’s simple peer pressure amongst boys. Kimmel‘s solution to the problem among boys is to embrace the testosterone pumping through your veins. Kimmel is arguing that it’s okay to be aggressive as long as you can control and honor it and unleash it in healthy doses.  His main point is that as a boy it’s okay to an aggressive, risk taker, as long as you can control your actions while stating that being able to produce testosterone is a natural part of boyhood that is being taken away from boys causing them to act out.

" Testosterone equal vitality" All we have to do is "honor it and steer it into healthy directions"- A little bit of testosterone is healthy when used correctly

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