Sunday, December 2, 2012

Talking Point #12 ( Ayvazian/Blanchard)

Word List : 

-" We are all dominant and targeted simultaneously ( pg. 599) " 

-We are all dominant and targeted... for example white people, male, christian, heterosexuals, able-bodied people ,  middle aged ,  middle or upper class are dominant . If you are targeted if you are a women who falls into this category

It's hard to identify when you are the target, perpetrator, by-standard, or an ally. An ally is a person or a group of people that help the targets and challenges the perpetrator. A ally shows support through actions like showing up to rallies, partnering up with local organizations, wearing t-shirts, protesting an issue, and creating a safe space.  An ally can can use their dominance to challenge the target. Being an ally can reduce violence since oppression leads to violence. Ally's give the perpetrator the change to feel like the targeted breaking the cycle of abuse through mentoring. An ally can serve as a positive role model to the perpetrator instead of working against each other they work together.  How can we expect young people to grow up in a racist free world when  no one has stood up and spoke against it. We have to embrace our inner allies through mentoring. 

When does an act of bigotry become an act of inadvertently racists acts. Your opinion and what you say about racial discrimination does matter. We have our views about race so when we over hear a conversation about we race we either agree or disagree with the person showing how racism in american has increased. over hearing others opinions of race could be the solution to bigotry ( bias ) within large groups in society. These lessons could help distinguish the difference to may between racial harassment.  

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